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Gentrify: A web app to find your “natural habitat”

The New York Times has an interesting piece about a new web app called Gentrify

Gentrify web site sample

Gentrify web site sample

Like most mashups, there is a Craigslist component. But the interesting new idea is that once you find an apartment in the hip neighbourhood in San Francisco, you see the price along with the price the apartment should cost. The difference is the impact you are making on gentrification by moving in.

I can’t find the data they are using to support their pricing data but the concept is amazing! What if, as a renter, you could contribute your gentrification impact to fund such as Social Offsets? Then as the neighbourhood gentrifies, existing residents would have the capacity to create affordable options as rents go up.

One more cool feature of the app is a calculated “gentrifcation percentage” calculated based on the number of nearby amenities such as sushi bars, tattoo shops, farmers markets and Buddhist temples. One could imagine a sliding scale payment based on a “hipness factor”….