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Some new ideas on affordable housing in Vancouver

Howard Rotberg has a new book out on November 5th called Exploring Vancouverism: The Political Culture of Canada’s Lotus Land

In the Georgia Straight review (here), some of these ideas are highlighted.

Number one on his list is for the city to require developers to pay as a condition for the approval of large projects a sum into either a community-housing trust or an affordable-housing fund. The idea behind these models, which city leaders can choose from, is quite simple: titles to housing units built will have “restrictive covenants” with respect to either the selling prices or rents, thus “preserving future affordability”.

This is a different way of creating a pool of funds for building community housing from what I have proposed, but the concept of local control of funds is critical. Without a sense of ownership – of the process and the resulting units – by the residents who will end up living in the units, a real sense of community cannot develop.